Achieving True Freedom through All-Round Excellence

RIWAY is a direct selling company that specializes in nutritional supplements. It is being marketed primarily in Asia countries, with the headquarters located in Singapore. RIWAY has expanded to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan and other Southeast Asian markets.

The RIWAY International Chief Executive Officer Mr Lim Boon Hong started RIWAY International Group in 2008 at the age of 33. He founded RIWAY in response to a growing market demand for a moral direct-selling organisation that prioritises both distributor financial reward and the value of a quality product.

RIWAY, which translates as “Right Way,” was created from their primary objective of “Showing You The Right Way,” which embodies their commitment and passion to transforming people’s lives regardless of race, religion, social status, or nationality.

The mission of RIWAY is to enhance community well-being by achieving market superiority and trust via an unwavering pursuit of knowledge and technological excellence.

6 Goals | True Essence of Life
Financial Goal: To provide a platform to achieve financial freedom and master the abilities to meet market demands.

Health Goal: To have a healthy body so as to achieve a better quality of life, and the ability to realise our dream.

Social Goal: To expand the social circle, and exert a positive influence on everyone in the circle.

Family Goal: To help more families seek the concept of happiness in creating a warm and loving family.

Mental Goal: To provide the right thoughts, and constantly enrich ourselves to raise our thinking to a higher level.

Spiritual Goal: To implement the spirit of Integrity, Righteousness and Positivity so as to achieve spiritual wealth and become a trustworthy person.

RIWAY’s products:

PURTIER Placenta

As a consequence of Mr Lim Boon Hong and his team continuous commitment to innovation, RIWAY’s PURTIER Placenta 6th Edition has taken on a new dimension and transformed the industry. PURTIER Placenta 6th Edition is the answer to defying age and embracing our youth.

PURTIER placenta is an oral live cell that contains embryonic stem cells isolated from the placenta of a deer with applied the New Zealand-developed technologies. This product is beneficial for anti-aging rejuvenation by protecting, restoring, and regenerating new cells for the health. These are aimed at bolstering the body’s immune system and enhancing its capacity for recovery.

CONCIENTIOUS Essence (Beauty) Spray

CONCIENTIOUS Essence (Beauty) Spray is a “waterless” skin care spray which has been upgraded to its second edition in year 2020. All are natural, botanical without a single drop of water. They have included a secret formula of golden proportions with a powerful blend of 27 patented active ingredients.


Smooth and flawless skin is a sign of self-assurance, yet environmental and dietary factors can hasten the ageing process and make skin dry. Thanks to RIWAY new high-end beauty product, CONSCIENTIOUS, they’ve figured out on how to clean, revitalise, and tighten your pores without using harsh chemicals. RIWAY’s CONSCIENTIOUS was created to offer your skin a powerful nutrient boost using two amazing technologies which are Micro-Emulsification and Anti-Pollution Defense. In fact, it helps to improve brightness immediately after application by intensely hydrating and moisturising the skin, improve texture by moisturising the skin for a smoother finish, and provide a maximum nutrient absorption and a new-born skin softness. Users will just need to apply it and feel that comfortable fit. One piece of CONCIENTIOUS Facial Mask is equal to the intensive repair of an entire bottle of essence spray.

List of events organized by RIWAY throughout the years:

December 2021- 2021 RIWAY International 4th Quarter “Top Leaders Meeting- The Ultimate Supreme”

November 2021– 2021 4th Quarter “Regional Leadership Training Seminar” 

25th September 2021-2021 3rd Quarter “Leaders Recognition Night”

4th September 2021- 2021 RIWAY International 3rd Quarter “Top Leaders Meeting”

7th August 2021- 2021 3rd Quarter’s “Leadership Training Seminar”

26th June 2021- 2021 RIWAY International 2nd Quarter’s “Leaders Recognition Night”

2nd June 2021- 2021 RIWAY International 2nd Quarter “Top Leaders Meeting”

8th May 2021- 2021 2nd Quarter’s “Leadership Training Seminar” 

10th April 2021- Team Elite Night

27th March 2021- 2021 1st Quarter “Leaders Recognition Night”

3rd March 2021- 2021 RIWAY International’s 1st Quarter “Top Leaders Meeting”

6th February 2021- 2021 1st Quarter “Regional Leadership Training Seminar”