Can PURTIER Placenta Health Supplement Be Taken with Western or Chinese Medicine?

PURTIER Placenta health supplement is not a drug and does not contain any chemical or toxic substances. Like other health supplements, it does not conflict with any Chinese or Western medicine rather it enhances their efficacy as the body becomes healthier.

It contains only natural ingredients specially selected and synergised together through cutting-edge encapsulation technology.

What is PURTIER Placenta Health Supplement?

Purtier Placenta Health Supplement is derived from the placenta of the mother and formulated with rich natural plant extracts.

It helps the mother’s placenta to be used to deliver as a supportive support to the developing baby during the breastfeeding phase.

It promotes the mother’s overall physical, mental and hormonal health as well as the baby’s growth.

For both mother and child, it has been shown to ease mood swings during pregnancy and ease postpartum blues.

It also has the power to boost your energy level as well as strength and endurance.

It is beneficial for women and children suffering from infertility.

It enhances breast milk production for both mother and child.

It promotes a more healthful and quality diet.

Purtier Placenta Health Supplement and Eastern Medicine

When combined with Western or Chinese medicine, PURTIER Placenta Health Supplement can help make symptoms more manageable.

Chinese herbs often use natural ingredients like the rhizomes of a herb called Gramineae to treat the complications of childbirth. They are used when the mother has recurrent postpartum haemorrhage or gastrointestinal problems.

The rhizomes of certain weeds used in Eastern medicine such as dill weed are beneficial for women who suffer from irritable uterus.

How Is the Purtier Placenta Health Supplement Involved in Oriental Medicine?

Chinese and Western medicine use the same mechanism of action. But in their different approach to healing, the mechanism may not be as similar.

PURTIER Placenta Health Supplement and Western Medicine

Medical doctors have been prescribing probiotic bacteria, rennet casein, horsetail powder and other conventional medications and supplements to cure several diseases.

However, scientists and physicians believe these products are inadequate, ineffective and sometimes harmful. Scientists and doctors have linked several conditions to the use of conventional drugs. These conditions include constipation, hair loss, premature aging, blood flow disturbances, and hyper-androgenism.

Several natural products, including PURITIER Placenta Health Supplement, are effective in cleansing and detoxifying the body. These substances can enhance the effectiveness of Western or Chinese medicine when administered in the right combination.


China has a long tradition in the usage of placenta for the health of babies. Presently, it has become the first choice of many women who desire a safe method to provide their babies with a healthy future. Presently, its production has grown enormously in the world. As a medical tourism hub and an investment destination, China continues to be an ideal place to create awareness about PURTIER Placenta health supplement.

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